Every day waking up, I am fascinated by the idea of us building our own reality. We forge ahead, persevere in circumstances, find peace, dream big and grow strong. We are creators. We are ready to fail, to face our fears and strive to be our authentic selves.

I am fascinated by our time, by speed, by blurred boundaries and stretched lines. I am fascinated by centuries of acquired human knowledge and our ability to draw from it. I am fascinated by concepts and things, by analysis and acceptance.

I am fascinated by how each one of us experiences the beauty of this world differently.

In this blog I want to explore how people, including myself, experience beauty.

Through  career, fashion, mindfulness, yoga, exercise. Simply put, through a lens of our daily lives.

Therefore, NEVER PEAK is like a state of mind – fusing curiosity, ambition, appreciation, and creativity in our daily actions. 

I truly hope NEVER PEAK blog inspires you to live your authentic and most beautiful life. Please include me on your journey and stay in touch - here, on Facebook, or on Instagram.


Vancouver, BC

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