VFW FW 2017

This past week I volunteered at the Vancouver Fashion Week and I am still feeling the buzz. Shows, interviews, the fast pace, meeting tons of cool people...I just loved it. 

should have worn sunglasses

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I attended 5 out of 7 days of the week and helped out on the media team- big shout out to Jalila, Ariene, Lexie, Nancy and Julianna for being the best team ever and showing up for the challenge every day. Wish I'd taken more photos with you :D Next time!

team "chips on the front row". so happy to have met you lady

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Some of the shows left me breathless - collections were captivating and very well thought-out. VFW is truly a platform for any designer to showcase their vision - there weren't themes on specific days and collections varied from experimental to classical to eco-fashion to niche designs like hats and lingerie. 

Throughout the week I've learned what kind of aesthetic inspires me the most: it is the combination of minimalism, grunge, soft and translucent beauty, geometric shapes and lines, innovation in garment design and eccentric attitude in both design and presentation. Lmk in comments what kind of aesthetic inspires you! 

Since I was volunteering, I did not bring my DSLR with me (honestly I would not have time to take pictures even if I did... running from runway to backstage to the media room left only the time to send snapchat updates and insta stories (haha I did indulge in those though... follow me @ekky_m or ekkym on snapchat !). But here are a few pics I did manage to take.

these slippers by @alex.s.yu I want them, like now

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3/3 ... something about these sleeves... @alogon_official @vanfashionweek

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favorite look by Moskal last night. So airy 🌬

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I am so lucky to have had my first fashion week volunteer experience at VFW because of strength of fashion community here in Vancouver, something that I seek everywhere I go and value deeply.

FYI - definitely will be writing more on fashion since now I am addicted to Fashion Weeks. I would love to hear your thoughts about it though!! Let me know if you found fashion interesting :) In my opinion fashion = self-expression and a way to reflect on the outside what you are on the inside. Do you agree? 


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I am going to be at Eco Fashion Week this weekend so stay tuned for updates about it (most likely will be tons of insta+snapchat combo hehe)

Sending lots of spring love your way! 

xx Ekky