healthy happy ekky: journey begins again

About a week ago I have discovered that I gained around 20 lbs since graduating university. I rolled up my sleeves, got my fitness tracker on track, joined the gym and have been on a weight loss journey ever since.

The thought of putting it on my blog terrified me though. I mean, am I not the fit chick that preaches healthy eating and exercises like all the time? Am I not supposed to have all my ducks (& chicken breasts) in a row?? It turns out, things happen.

how I got here

I’ll tell you, in all honesty - emotional eating derived from lack of structure in knowing where I am headed next. I wouldn’t call it feeling stuck, but if it helps you to better grasp it, sure, I felt stuck not having a plan of action for the next few years. I knew generally where I wanted to be but had no set plan.

Once I recognized that it made me anxious, I took steps to fix it. A lot of deliberate analysis, meditation and hard questions and the plan has been made. Hooray! It might change, it might get altered but once it’s on paper and in my head – I feel calm and ready to tackle anything!

body image & what’s right for me

Then, the question arose about weight. Do I really need to tackle it? I surely have played with an idea of embracing the “womanly body” (as a few of my girlfriends call this minor post-uni weight gain) – watching gazillion videos of Ashley Graham doing squats on insta definitely left me feeling inspired and grateful and loving towards my curves; fit and curvy are by no means mutually exclusive.

But this is where I had to dig a bit deeper and be more honest with myself. The developing acceptance of curvier bodies on social media makes me incredibly happy for where our society is headed.


MY ultimate happiest place is when I am my in my “fittest and thinnest”. Again, I want to emphasize the word “MY”. What is true for me might not be true for anyone else and that’s totally ok. So naturally we arrive at…


  • I weigh 140 lbs on September 21, 2017. I go on vacation on September 21 and it’s a perfect amount of time to get back in shape - slightly more than 12 weeks. Starting weight = 159.6 lbs.
  • I have 25% body fat on September 21, 2017. I have never had such low body fat and never had body fat % goals before so this one is more experimental. I have started at 35% and will see where I land in 12 weeks.


First and foremost, I promise 100% commitment to my goals and being honest and transparent in what I write. No need for sugarcoating occasional hanger or pretending like fat “just melted on its own” while I “ate whatever I wanted”. It will be work and it might be hard at times.

Second, I promise disciplined accountability for the next 12 weeks which means:

-> I will share a weekly update on Saturday evenings OR Sunday afternoons (depending on my weekend plans), in which I will update you on total weight lost, total body fat % lost, workouts I did the past week and how was my nutrition - i.e avg calories per week and macros. I will also cover different weight loss topics each week – I have some exciting stuff prepared which I know will be fun to read.

kind of like a disclaimer

  • I am not passing harsh judgment for gaining weight onto myself as I know it’s counter-productive. It’s all learning process and it's just weight. People go through worse challenges in life than a 20 lbs weight gain. But it is making me less happy so it's time to shake it up.
  • I believe ALL bodies ARE beautiful. I truly do. I don't want you EVER feel like you need to lose weight/gain weight because I choose to. You are beautiful as you are. 
  • I will (obviously) approach it the healthy way. Meaning: lots of exercise, lots of healthy food, allowed indulgences and no restrictions on the types of food I should be eating. Quitting sugar or alcohol or being vegan in the past have always been great experiments but they didn't inspire a long term commitment to my health. Also I am a nerd - I love researching and experimenting with scientifically proven methods. I naturally gravitate to the long-term truth than a short-term fix.
  • the name, healthy happy ekky was the name of my first blog that I started right after graduation. By choosing this name, I want to emphasize continuity and bring out all the passion for healthy living that I have always had but wasn't fully embracing.
  • I hope you learn something from my fitness journey and we can encourage and inspire each other to turn our dreams into a reality. If you are on a fitness journey yourself – just know, I am proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and kicking ass. Keep pushing!

week 1: weekly update - June 18 - June 24

  • SW: 159.6 lbs
  • CW: 158.6 lbs (-1 lbs this week)
  • SBF: 35 %
  • CBF: 33.6% (-1.4% this week)
  • Avg daily calories: 1558 kcal
  • Macros: Fat 31% - Carbs 42 % - Protein 27%

I want to dedicate this journey to my dearest grandma Svetlana who left this earth on June 22, 2017. I will dearly miss her with all my heart! One thing she always said was that taking care of yourself will benefit everyone around you, so she taught me to put in the love and the effort in being my healthiest self. I am truly inspired by her and want to do this for her as much as for myself - I know she is watching <3

See you next week! Same time, same place 

xx Ekky