healthy happy ekky: Lose It, BEC and IIFYM

Happy belated Canada Day to my Canadians and 4th of July to my Americans! Cheering with lemon water for two great nations right now (it's wineless Tuesday..)

The past week has been quite a bit of a crazy rollercoaster. Between my 11-year-old brother’s first campless week in Vancouver (I went from 0 to 24/7 of motherhood), running a half-marathon, celebrating Canada Day and working, I also managed to fall off a bike (that was an embarrassing one), work out really hard a few times before that (as if I knew the bruised life was coming), go on a hike, chill on the beach and … fall off slightly off track with nutrition while thinking I was crushing it... (another embarrassing one?)

I started using the app called Lose It for nutrition tracking this week and it only took me 8 days to figure out that it synced my steps with the Health App … and increased my calorie limit! Since the interface is totally new to me, I didn’t question anything until two days ago when I stepped on the scale and it hasn’t moved..

I learned the lesson and changed the settings so apps don’t sync any longer and now I’ve been under my calorie goal for the past two days, so we are back on track! 

I am used to myfitnesspal app for tracking but its very medical-like interface has left me uninspired so many times that I decided to give Lost It a try this time around. I will do a review of both apps in the next few posts after I get a handle of Lose It but so far I can say that finally I enjoy tracking my food which has never been the case before. The app is colorful and still pretty slick and clean-looking.

Forging ahead! This week (that started on Monday) has already been great – I meal prepped buddha bowls for lunch, went to the gym twice (huge shout out to my gym sister Shany – waking up at 5:30am is waaay easier when you know you’ll be malfunctioning through the sleepy walk to the gym together) and stayed on track with nutrition.

I started following the rules of IIFYM and my nutrition goal is to stay on track with it this week. Does anyone have any experience with IIFYM approach? I love that it’s not limiting in the types of foods you can eat while still keeping you accountable. With macros that the formula calculated for me I was able to eat all my favorite foods while hitting all the numbers the past two days. I am excited about it!!!

Also, speaking of favorite foods - I am severely obsessed with Body Energy Club Smoothies... i have converted many innocent souls including my little bro (it's a great alternative when he asks for ice cream ... hehe) so you must try it too. These smoothies are just plain amazing. 

PS - I was not paid or compensated to write this. I just wanted to make my obsession official, that's all.

AND onto the numbers for this & past week

Workout Plan this week (July 3-9)

Monday: 45 min cardio (35 min steady jog + 10 min HIIT on the treadmill)  + Lower Body lifting

Tuesday: 15 min cardio (steady elliptical) + Upper Body lifting

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 15 min cardio (steadt elliptical) + Lower Body lifting

Friday: 1 hour Hot Yoga

Saturday: 1 hour cardio (jog/step) + 1 hour 15 min Hot Yoga

Sunday: Hike Grouse Gr

week 2: weekly update - June 26 - July 2

 SW: 159.6 lbs

CW: 158.6 lbs (same as last week)

SBF: 35 %

·CBF: 32.7% (-0.9% since last week)

·Avg daily calories: 1705 kcal

·Macros: Fat 30.6% - Carbs 48,7 % - Protein 20.7%

xxx E