perfect job series: introduction

Finding a job is tough. Finding a perfect job is tougher. Finding what constitutes a perfect job seems like a daunting task, and sometimes takes decades. But it doesn't have to. Let me explain my.

I want to start these series with a little introduction into my job-searching-landing background. 

I've worked at three companies in the past year and a half. Every time I started a job, it felt perfect. It felt like stars lined up for me to get the opportunity I was getting. Sometimes I had to do a push - think four 1.5-2-hour interviews in four consecutive days with the same company to get those stars to line up. Sometimes, it was a natural "yes" on both ends after a 30-min conversation and things just worked out naturally. 

But it was always perfect. For that particular season of my life.

  • My first job taught me complicated corporate words and structures, showed me that work can be fun.
  • My second job made me tough and helped me become strategic and realistic. It allowed me to experience various leadership styles and helped me shape my own identity as a leader. And, frankly, made me realize that you can truly dislike your job and love the experience anyways, because you simply learn so much!
  • It's too early to evaluate what my third job teaches me as I've had it just for over a month...But it's too hard not to share :P Two teaser words for you: culture & integrity.

So if you are a good between-the-lines reader, you can notice that some descriptions above seem far from perfect.

But they are. My philosophy in finding a perfect job lays fundamentally in loving the crap out of each and every experience you get, staying true to yourself and looking at every opportunity through the lens of discovery.

So if you are searching for a company to get passionate about, don't know whether your current job is serving you, considering switching fields, can't decide on a specific role, looking to define your destiny, find your dream career path, or already having the most perfect job - please join me in this conversation during this series! I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic and learn from your experience!

Have a fabulous day!!